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Best PDF to pages converter so far

After trying several PDF to pages converters this was by far the best. Converts files quickly and easily with no fuss. Formatting was great for me. I was able to create a perfect pages copy of the original PDF, including pictures, font, tables, and content pages.

James_26  -   United Kingdom

Worked great

Needed something quick, was concerned about paying £2.99 for something apparently so simple with few reviews and so many free apps around. Having said that, it took my 40MB pdf down to 6MB with no apparent change in quality (could have gone lower with some more noticeable quality loss). 6MB is fine for emailing so very happy. Very very easy, literally drag and drop and select quality you want.

CG1972  -   USA

Got me out of a jam

Was a bit unsure how useful it would be, but after buying and trying it’s a really great utility. Really got me out of bother when I had a collection of documents that needed to be in a single email, and kept bouncing off Gmail’s 20MB attachment limit. Might now use this to compress all multi-attachment PDFs before emailing, anyway. The output looks great, need less cloud storage for the sent e...

Tcr1972  -   United Kingdom

Promising app

There are few decent PDF converter applications available for the Mac. After some research I decided to get this app and it’s a useful app to use. It’s neat, fast and does the job well, once you’ve added PDF files it takes almost no time at all to turn them into editable Word documents. I no longer use those online conversion service since this desktop app is more reliable and...

BryanJR2  -   United Kingdom

Richtig Klasse – TOP!

Nach einigen Versuchen mit anderen Apps habe ich endlich eine durchdachte, sehr effiziente und qualitativ hochwertige Anwendung gefunden, um PDF Dokumente z. B. für Präsentationen in Keynote Dokumente zu wandeln. Wenn man 40 Seiten PDF-Präsentation mit Text und Bildern gemischt in 15 Minuten (gemessen) fertig bearbeiten kann, ist das schon eine Nummer!!

Bigblue63  -   Germany

Instructor Uses PDF Converter Master Without Fail

I used it nearly daily to create overheads for my students. Have not run into a snag yet! I purchased this app several years ago, but was encouraged to write down my feelings on using this app. If you need to convert files regularly and want an app that will not let you down, get PDF Converter Master.

Ed912  -   Canada

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