ViewPic for Mac

Lightning fast photo viewer on Mac that enhances the image viewing experience for Mac users.

Version 1.2.0 for Mac OS X



Better image viewing experience on Mac OS X

ViewPic is a lightning fast and photo viewer, you can quickly browse through all images in a folder. It's a great alternative for Preview on Mac OS X.

If you are new to Mac, you'll find viewing images is not as easy as you did on Windows OS. Preivew is a great tool for document viewing, but it is not that convenient if you want to browse lots of images. ViewPic is designed for improving the image viewing experience on Mac, you don't need to open a image, close it and open another one. Just open all photos in a folder, and view them in a more comfortable way.

A better image viewer on Mac

ViewPic features a neat and intuitive interface for improving image viewing experiences. All functional buttons are listed on the top, and thumbnail at the bottom, both of them will hide automatically and show up only when you need them. So you can view image with less distraction from the complex app interface.

You can even view image in chromeless mode, you can just focus on the photo without any distraction.

viewpic sc1

Super fast viewing

Display and render your photos including the large image files, in fast speed. View your images in real time since you never have to import them into library first. Just drag and drop an image to view it instantly. Or open a folder of images and view them easilyl.

You can scroll and click on the image thumbnails at the botto to switch between images quickly.

viewpic sc2

View thousands of images in a folder

Drag multiple images to ViewPic, or simply open a folder directly, press back and forward key on your keyboard to view all images quickly.

It starts immediately even when there are over 10,000 images in a folder. If you have trackpad, you can also scroll left or right with two fingers to swipe between images.

This is the key feature of ViewPic, it makes viewing multiple photos as easy as we did on Windows with the default image viewer.

viewpic sc3

Convenient photo viewing options

It provides everything you need for viewing images on Mac.


You can also adjust the image for better viewing with options to flip horizontal / vertical, rotate, resize .etc. And viewing image conveniently with zoom in/out, fit to screen, 1:1 original size etc. All the functional button are available in menu bar.

viewpic sc4

Other great features

* If you want to set a photo as desktop wallpaper, simply click on set wallpaper on menu bar.

* You can browse all imported image thumbnails for quick navigation.

* Lets you resize image.

* You can also set ViewPic as default image viewer.

* Supports all mainstream image formats, including png, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, icns, tiff, tif, psd, etc.

viewpic sc5

User Guide for ViewPic for Mac

Product tutorials

* Guide for ViewPic - Quick image viewer for Mac OS X >>

User Review from the Mac App Store

Good photo viewing app for Macbook Air
by robbes - from US Mac App Store - Sep 5, 2015
This is a well designed photo viewing app that can open one, or all of the photos in a folder, allowing you to scroll through them - full screen / dark background - with the arrow keys, rendered according to their refinement, offering a drop down menu of editing features including resizing and zoom. This app does not feature a fancy slide show with dissolve and background music - thank God! Sometimes we DON'T want all that sexy stuff goin' on.

Simple and quick photo viewer on Mac
by Tragic game - from UK Mac App Store - Jul 12, 2015
It's already been said below and I'm happy to agree, Viewpic is a quick and easy to use multiple file viewer - probably the one thing that Windows has that is missing from OS X. Totally recommend this app for its simplicity and value for money. Thanks

Best photo viewer on Mac
by Damedia - from UK Mac App Store - Feb 26, 2015
I don't know why Preview lacks the facilities of this app. Having moved from windows where I could view all the images in a folder as a screen full of thumbnails, I found the picture handling of Preview compared badly. I did not expect that from Apple which is used by a lot of creatives. This makes up for the shortfall in many respects. Go for it.

My default image viewer
by starmanie - from Canada Mac App Store - Sep 4, 20155
ViewPic has become my default image viewer. Nothing more to say because that's just how super this tiny app is.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7 or above. Fully compatible with Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite and El Capitan OS X.
File Size: 1.9 MB, recommended disk space: 100MB