Text Extractor for Mac

Quickly extract text content out of scanned PDF and image file with OCR function.

Version 1.6.0 for Mac OS X


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Text Extractor for Mac

Recognize and extract text from images or scanned PDF with OCR

Text Extractor for Mac helps you turn scanned PDF documents, digital images into searchable and editable text content. It can eliminate your retyping effort by the advanced OCR (Optical character recognition) technology, which can recognize text from image accurately and extract text content efficiently.

Convert PDF and image into searchable and editable text content

It's frustrated if you got a scanned PDF or image file, you'll have to retype them over manually if you want to get the information.

With Text Extractor, you can unlock text content, easily get and use the information locked in PDF files. Extracting text from image or scanned PDF is extremely easy.

Advanced OCR Feature

When you scan a paper document and save it as PDF or image file, actually everything will be captured as an image instead of text and font information, OCR tech is used text recognition and extraction.

Accuracy is the core of an OCR app, Text Extract's recognition accuracy can reach up to 90% if the source file has high quality. Save your time from correcting error after conversion.

Text Extractor can detect 10 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese.

Intuitive interface, easy-to-use

OCR conversion is not an easy task, but with the easy-to-use interface, you can finish extraction in fewer steps.

  • Open a PDF or image file,
  • Turn on OCR and select document language,
  • Click 'Extract' button to start OCR recognition,
  • Done, you can copy the text to clipboard or export it as .txt file.

Efficient Conversion At Greater Speed

Text Extractor efficiently converts large PDF documents and images into editable and searchable text, and deliver the converted text content faster. If OCR is not enabled, it takes less than 1 sec to extract each page from non-scanned PDF files.

And it lets you edit and modify the extracted text content directly in the built-in text editor, and check grammer and spelling. After checking, you can copy the content into clipboard and export as plain text (.txt).


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