Screenshot Editor for Mac

A quick and simple way to capture screen and edit screenshot on Mac

Version 2.3.2 for Mac OS X


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Screenshot Editor for Mac

Best way to capture and modify screenshots on Mac

Screenshot Editor for Mac provides a quick and simple solution to capture and edit your screenshot. It lets you quickly capture screen, annotate your screenshot with rich annotation tools, and send to clipboard or share it easily.

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Easy-to-use Application

Screenshot Editor for Mac is designed for improving your productivity, it helps you easily capture, annotate and share screenshots.

  • Clear interface lets you get started immediately, all the tools are listed within the app.
  • Capture screen anytime instantly, it runs in menu bar.
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Intelligent Capture Mode

With Intelligent capture ability, you can grab entire screen, any selected area or any windows with one simple click.

You can choose a capture method from the icon on menu bar or start window;

  • Capture a selected window only, without dragging windows before capturing;
  • Capture fullscreen by one click;
  • Customize shortcut keys for quick snap;
  • Magnifying tool and region size info help you capture screen precisely.
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Annotate & Edit Screenshot Flexibly

Screenshot Editor provides rich functions and fully customizable annotation tools for you, draw the attention with customizable and vector-based objects, including:

  • Line - Full line or dotted line;
  • Arrows - Double headed or single headed arrows with full or dotted line, you can customize the line weight, opacity and color;
  • Shapes - Rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse shapes etc. You can choose fill-only, stroke-only or fill & stroke style. You can customize fill color or stroke color, stroke weight or opacity.
  • Text annotation
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Mosaic Overlay

Blur out sensitive information with Mosaic overlay: Apply a mosaic to blur out a face, sensitive information, email address, phone number or anything you don't want to show with Mosaic overlay tool.

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Format Compatibility

If you want to annotate an image, it supports most of the common image formats;

When you save the annotated image or screenshots, you output wide range of image formats, including PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, PDF, GIF.


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