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Top 5 Online PDF to Excel Converters without Email
Many free online PDF to Excel converters out there, which require submitting email address for receiving converted Excel. This article shows you the top 5 online PDF to Excel converters without email.
How to Unlock PDF for Printing, Copying and Editing?
We got many secured PDF documents. This article will show you how to unlock PDF for printing, copying and editing, without spending a dime with free PDF Password Remover.
3 Easy Ways to Shrink PDF file size on Mac
In this tutorial, we will show you how to reduce size of PDF on Mac, using Preview, online service and 3rd party application.
How to Combine PDF Document Using Preview
Preview on Mac OS is not only a viewer, if you know some tricks, you can combine PDF documents, and do some more with Preview.
The Quickest Way to Merge JPG to PDF on Mac
Want to convert JPG to one single PDF file on Mac OS X? Sounds like a difficult task, but actually all you need is an easy-to-use application - Lighten PDF Creator for Mac.
How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac OS X
A tutorial showing you how to convert PDF to Keynote directly on Mac OS X and keep the original formatting well, without converting PDF to pptx first.
Mark image areas for PDF conversion with PDF Converter for Windows
This tutorial will show you how to mark image areas for preserving content as image in output file with Lighten PDF Converter tools.
How to enhance output quality - Mark Image Area
This tutorial will show you how to mark image area before pdf conversion for the best result.
Improve OCR Accuracy for Windows
This tutorial guide will show you some tips for improving OCR accuracy.
How to Improve OCR Conversion Quality
Both the quality of the source PDF and selected option affect the quality and accuracy of the OCR conversion. This tutorial will show you how to improve OCR conversion quality.
What Is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Introduction of Optical Character Recognition.
How can you distinguish scanned PDF from normal PDF file?
This article will show you the methods to distinguish scanned PDF from normal files, so you can find the proper PDF Converter to convert scanned PDF into editable Word document.
How do I fill out PDF form
This tutorial will introduce 3 kinds of PDF form and show you how to fill out PDF forms without printing them out.
How do I read PDF files?
This article will show you how to read PDF document with free PDF readers.
What is PDF?
Brief introduction about Portable Document Format(PDF).