Guide for PDF Converter OCR (PDF Converter ++) for Mac

PDF Converter ++ for Mac is a PRO version of PDF Converter Master, it’s the most comprehensive app in Lighten PDF Converter product line. It has all the features of PDF Converter Master, and have OCR function, which can convert scanned PDF document into editable formats.

Working with PDF Converter ++

1. Basic Conversion

Basic features are the same as PDF Converter Master. Just simply add PDF files to the file list, and then choose output formats and output folder, click ‘Convert’. The app will output your desired document formats automatically. For more details, please go to PDF Converter Master tutorial>>

pdf converter ocr ui

2. OCR Conversion

When you come across with some scanned PDF files, you need to activate OCR function before conversion. You may want to know How do you know the imported file is a scanned file?>>

You’ll get a notification message when conversion finished, it will tell you which imported files contain scanned pages.

To convert a scanned PDF document to editable content, please follow these steps.

1. Activate OCR ability in ‘OCR’ setting

Click the ‘OCR’ button on the toolbar, check ‘Perform OCR’ option.

2. Select the document language

You need to select the correct document language prior to OCR conversion. This is an extremely important step to get accurate text recognition result. The application supports 10 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian and Dutch.

If you need to apply this OCR setting to all imported files, please check ‘Apply to all’.

pdf converter ocr option

3. Click ‘Convert’ to start OCR conversion.

When OCR is performing, it will take a longer time than normal PDF conversion. Please be patient. When the conversion finished, you will get an editable Word document instead of image only.

It’s recommended to read this tutorial to make the best of the OCR function: A few tips to get better OCR accuracy>>

Note: OCR is not an easy task, both the quality of the source PDF and OCR option affect the quality and accuracy of the output file. Some similar characters like ‘1’ & ‘l’, ‘e’ & ‘c’ may not be recognized and converted correctly. Remember to check the spelling, content & numbers after conversion.