PDF Creator for Mac

The easiest way to combine images to PDF file on Mac OS.

Version 3.0.0 for macOS


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PDF Creator for Mac

Convert jpg, bmp, png, txt and more into PDF files on Mac

Creating PDF on Mac is easy, but using the print function to save as image into PDF is hassle, especially when you need to convert lots of images into PDF format. Any solutions for this?

Lighten PDF Creator for Mac is the easiest way to create PDF files from images, plain text and PDF, including jpg, png, bmp, gif etc. You can merge images into one single PDF file, modify the meta data of the output documents, set page size or page margins as you wish, compress output PDF file size, or even encrypt PDF files with open password and restrictions. It may take an hour to create pdf files from hundreds of images, it takes only a few seconds to get thing done with Lighten PDF Creator for Mac.

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Easiest Way to Create PDF on Mac

Converting images to PDF is easy, all you need is a PDF printer on Mac like this. PDF Creator takes only 2 steps to finish the task.

You can quickly add unlimited images, txt or PDF files into the app, and click ‘Create’ button. This lightweight PDF printer will start creating PDF file for you.

Support following filetype:

  • Images: bmp, tif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, png, tga, psd, gif.
  • Plain text: txt.
  • and PDF format.

PDF Creator can create lots of PDF files at one time, and work extremely fast. It can create a PDF file from hundreds of images, txt or PDFs within 1 min.

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Merge Multiple Files into one PDF

Got lots of images from scanner? Want to keep your photos or graphical materials in one PDF for archive or distribution? Just check the ‘Merge into one file’ option, and set a file name for the output file.

With the merge function, you can combine jpg to PDF, convert png to PDF, and create a single PDF file from thousands of images, plain text or combine multiple PDF documents into one easily and efficiently.

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Encrypt Output PDF files with Password

If you worry about the security, why not set a password for your PDF? You can add open password, so other people can not get access to your content without correct open password.

Or you can set an owner password, set printing and copying restrictions, so others people can't print or copy content without permission.

Adding meta information to PDF file, such as Subject, Author information to claim the ownership.

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Compress output PDF to smaller file size

You can set PDF pages size, page margins before conversion as you wish. It is flexible for creating the PDF from images as per our demands.

It will keep the original image quality by default. If the ouptut file is too large, you can set a PDF compression option before PDF conversion, then it will produce a PDF file in smaller file size. So you can share or email a smaller PDF file, or save your disk storage space for your Mac.


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