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Introducing PDF Converter OCR for Windows

A 6-in-1 PDF Converter with advanced OCR function, let you effortlessly convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more. It’s designed for office professionals, save your time and boost your productivity.

Working with PDF Converter OCR

1. Add PDF files

Launch the application and click ‘Add Files’ button on the toolbar. And then select input PDF files from the pop-up window. You can add as many PDF files as you want at one time. You’ll see the imported files in the file list.

pdf convrter ocr add file

Click ‘Remove’ button to remove a selected file, or click ‘Clear’ to remove all the imported files.

2. Select Output Options

(1) Select output formats

Select output format in the dropdown list, 8 document formats are available: Including Microsoft Office formats - Word(.docx), Powerpoint(.pptx), Excel(.xlsx); CSV(.csv), plain text (.txt) and image format (.jpg)

pdf convrter ocr output formats

(2) Select pages to convert

You can convert all pages to output formats, or convert selected pages only. Enter any page number or page ranges in following format: For example: 1, 3-5, 12, use comma to separate page numbers.

pdf convrter ocr page setting

(3) Select output folder

Click ‘Browse’ button to select desired output folder path, click ‘Open’ to open the output folder directly.

pdf convrter ocr output folder

3. Start Conversion

Click ‘Convert’ button to start conversion. When conversion is in progress, you can click ‘Cancel’ to stop.

pdf convrter ocr convert

When conversion finishes, you can click on the shortcut link in ‘Output File’ column to open the output file directly.

pdf convrter ocr output file

Introducing OCR

If you come across scanned PDF, you’ll need to activate OCR option. OCR Stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR application is able to recognize and extract text information out of scanned document, such as PDF, TIFF, or other document image files.

Learn More about OCR>>

How to use OCR function

(1) Activate OCR function in ‘OCR Option’.

Click ‘OCR Option’ button to activate OCR function.

pdf convrter ocr ocr button

(2) Set OCR option

Check ‘Perform OCR’, and then select document language in the dropdown list. This is extremely important for OCR accuracy, if your PDF file is in Italian, but you choose English as OCR language, it can’t recognize text contents correctly.

pdf convrter ocr option

*Tips on increasing OCR accuracy>>

Customizable Output Options:

You can customize output setting for different output formats.

If ‘Option’ button is grayed out, that means option for selected output format is not available.

pdf convrter ocr setting

Option is available for following conversion:

(1) PDF to Excel

pdf convrter ocr excel option

Convert the whole document into one sheet or put each page in individual sheet in Excel Spreadsheet file.

pdf convrter ocr excel output

You can also keep original formatting of the original PDF or keep data only without formatting.

pdf convrter ocr excel output 2

(2) PDF to CSV

pdf convrter ocr csv option

(3) PDF to Text

pdf convrter ocr txt option

If you check ‘Show Page Number’, output .txt file will add separator for each page. If you uncheck that option, page separator will now appear.

pdf convrter ocr txt output

(4) PDF to Image

pdf convrter ocr image option

For example, if you choose 100%, image will not be enlarge after conversion, text will be blurry when you zoom in. If you choose 400%, the output image quality will be much better than 100%, but the file size will increase. For example, 608KB 100% vs. 5.86MB 400%.

pdf convrter ocr image output