How to extract data from PDF to Excel Spreadsheet?

Lighten PDF to Excel Converter can extract data from PDF quickly and output Excel (.xlsx, .csv). PDF to Excel conversion focuses on data, you can make fewer mistakes and save more energy.

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Basic steps for extracting data from PDF to Excel

Step 1. Launch and import PDF files

Click on Add Files button, and then choose PDF files you want to convert from the ‘File Open’ dialog. Or simply drag and drop PDF files into the document list within the application. You can import as many PDF files as you want.

Built-in PDF Reader is on the right side, which allows you to do lots of advanced operations for extracting table accurately from PDF.

pdf to excel windows sceenshot

Step 2 Configure output setting

Besides Excel file (.xlsx), you can also convert PDF to CSV(.csv) or Plain Text (.txt). If you want to apply the selected format to all the imported PDF files, click ‘Apply to All’ button.

pdf to excel for windows screenshot 1

You can choose whether you want to convert all pages, or even any particular page ranges, for example, 1,3-5,7, use commas to separate page numbers.

Note: If you select a page out of the page range, or add ‘space’ or any other unsupported characters between page numbers, you will see Invalid notification below the text area.

Step 3. Select an output folder

Click ‘Browse’ to select the output folder to store the converted Excel files. Click ‘Open’ to open the target folder.

Step 4. Start PDF to Excel conversion

Click ‘Convert’ button, the PDF to Excel conversion will start immediately, you can see a process bar below the file list.

After conversion, you can open the converted xlsx file directly by clicking on the link in the document list. Or go to the output folder you selected to view all the output files.

pdf to excel for windows screenshot 2

Advanced Operations for better PDF to Excel Conversion

Output Options:

Considering different usages after conversion, the app provides different output options. Click on ‘Option’ button to customize output setting.

PDF to Excel Option

pdf converter ocr excel output option screenshot

There are lots of options for different kinds of PDF.

The ‘Table Auto-detection‘ option is the most important for extracting table accurately, selecting the correct option can greatly enhance the accuracy of the extracted table in Excel.

Basically you need to tell the app if the tables in the PDF file have enough table borderlines for showing the table structure of the table.

If there are enough table borderlines, select the ‘Detect table base on table borders’, if the table borderlines are not enough or even borderless, please choose the second option ‘Detect table base on data structure’.

Other options are useful for different usages of the output excel, choose the output options before conversion accordingly.

PDF to CSV Option

CSV format doesn’t support multiple worksheets and formatting, so if you convert pages into different sheets, each page will be converted into individual single .csv file.
pdf converter ocr csv option screenshot

How to mark table areas for the most accurate conversion quality?

To mark the table area, please do the following:

Move your cursor to the built-in PDF Reader, the cross cursor will appear. Or click the draw table area button to get started.

Position your cursor on the top left-hand corner of the table. Press the left mouse and hold it, and then drag to the bottom-right of the table. Release the left mouse to complete the table.

pdf to excel for windows screenshot 3

You can adjust or move the table.

pdf to excel for windows screenshot 4

If you want to delete the table area, move the mouse to the top of the PDF Reader, click the delete button. You can delete customized table areas from the whole document or only from the current page.

pdf to excel for windows screenshot 5

Note: If you’ve marked table areas, the application will only convert the data within the area, the rest of the data will not be converted.

Sometimes multiple tables can be found on one page, you can mark them before conversion. Lighten PDF to Excel Converter will get this information and convert the multiple tables more precisely.

If you have any questions about Lighten PDF to Excel Converter, or meet any problems when using the application, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help. If you have any PDF files that our software can not convert correctly, please send it over and we will try to convert for you. Thanks!

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