How to Convert PDF to Word Free on Mac

PDF to Word Free is a simple but powerful application, which can convert PDF file to Word document accurately and effortlessly. It can preserve the layouts, formatting, graphics and text content of the original, so that you can boost your productivity by reducing the need to retype or reformat the content.

This Free version is only available on the Mac App Store, and convert 3 pages for each PDF.

With the extremely simple and clear interface, you can quickly convert your PDF files into Word document.

1. Add Files:

Click “Add files” button to import the PDF files you want to convert, or click File->Add Files on the menu to get started. You can import unlimited PDF files at one time. Click “Remove” to remove a selected PDF file.

2. Set output options

(1) Select output format, you can select .docx, .doc or .txt, if you want to apply this setting to all imported PDF files, please check the option ‘Apply to all imported files’.

(2) Select the page range you want to convert. “All pages” is the default option. You can also select any particular pages, for example 1, 4-10,23.

(3) Select the output folder to store your converted Word documents.

3. Convert

Click “Convert” button, PDF to Word free will start conversion instantly.

Advanced Operations:

If you come across PDF file with table data, you can mark table areas within built-in PDF Reader.

Please read this tutorial: Tips for converting table data >>


PDF to Word Free doesn’t have OCR function, you can only get image instead of editable content if you are trying to convert a scanned PDF file. You’ll get a notification message if you are trying to convert a scanned file after conversion.

About in-app purchase:

You can purchase unlimited conversions, unlock more output formats in in-app purchase. Simply click the ‘Upgrade’ button on the toolbar, you can see the in-app purchase items.

Technical Support

Should you have any questions regarding the use of Lighten PDF to Word Free, please contact us via support[at], our customer service will reply to your questions ASAP. Thanks.