How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentation on Mac OS X?

What is Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac?

Creating PDF from PowerPoint document is really easy. But it’s quite a hassle if you want to convert PDF file back to PowerPoint Presentation. Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac is designed to rid us of this annoying issue.

Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac helps you to:

* Convert PDF into PowerPoint file(.pptx) and Text file (.txt).

* Batch convert as many PDF as you like.

* Preview PDF files before conversion.

* Convert certain pages flexibly.

* Convert PDF document with printing, copying, editing restrictions without any problems.

* You don’t need to spend time reformatting your output PowerPoint presentation, text, layouts, graphics will be placed in the right places after conversion.

Working with Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Just like the other Lighten PDF software, PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac has an extremely simple and clear interface, you don’t need to spend extra time learning how to use this application.

It takes only 2 steps to get it done.

1. Add Files:

Click “Add files” button to import the PDF files you want to convert, or click File->Add Files on the menu to get started. Click “Remove” to remove one imported PDF file.

2. Convert

Click “Convert” button, the conversion will start immediately, all you need to do is to wait a few seconds for the output files.

Output options

Besides the basic operations mentioned above, there are a few output options to boost your productivity.

You can select the output format, .pptx and .txt are available, if you want to apply this setting to all imported PDF files, please check “Apply to all imported files”.

If you don’t want to convert all pages, just select certain pages to convert. For example: 1, 4-10,15.

You can select any locations to save your output documents.

Notices: If you imported a scanned PDF, the app can only output images instead of editable and searchable content. Scanned PDF does not contain any font information, the app cannot recognize text without the font information.

System Requirement

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Technical Support

Should you have any questions regarding the use of Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac, please contact us via support[at], our customer service will reply to your questions ASAP. Thanks.