How to Convert PDF files to iWork Numbers on Mac?

Lighten PDF to Numbers Converter for Mac is designed for converting PDFs to iWork Numbers. So you can easily edit or organize data in Numbers.

It’s easy to use, once you launch PDF to Numbers for Mac, you’ll see the following interface. It’s intuitive, you can see all the functions and the built-in PDF Reader.

pdf to numbers ui

Get started quickly with the basic steps

It takes only 3 steps to convert PDF to Numbers.
1. Just drag and drop PDF files into the app to get started, or click ‘Add Files’ button to browse your finder.

pdf to numbers add file

2. Choose an output folder to store the converted numbers files.

3. Click ‘Convert’ button, the conversion will start instantly. After conversion, you can open the output folder or click the shortcut link to open the output numbers file directly.

Enhance table conversion accuracy

No matter how complex your PDF files are, PDF to Numbers Converter can always convert table data accurately.

* Automatically detect and convert table

The app can detect table automatically base on table borders and data structures. You can click on the ‘Show table’ button to show the detection result.

pdf to numbers show table

If you find the table is not correctly recognized, please go to the following steps to mark the table manually.

* Manually mark table areas

If the table doesn’t have any borderlines or has complex layouts, you can mark table areas manually. You can also add columns or row lines, merge or split cells before conversion.

pdf to numbers mark image area

If you want to learn more about marking table areas manually, please go to this tutorial: Tips for converting table data more accurately>>

In this case, the output file will become exactly like the original PDF, so you don’t need to spend lots of effort reformatting the table after PDF to Numbers conversion.

Output Options
Click ‘Setting’, you can customize output setting according to your needs.

Convert each page into the individual sheet (Default)

* Each page will be converted into individual sheet

Convert all pages in one sheet

* The whole PDF will be converted into one sheet

Output Content
Convert table only

* If this setting is selected, only table data will be converted, and all the tables will be placed on the left side instead of the original location.

Text and graphic will be removed.

Convert table and text content only

* If this setting is selected, tables and text will be preserved, graphic will be removed.

Convert all the original contents (Default)

* This setting will preserve everything and convert everything into the output file.

Data format
Convert numbers cell with number format.

* If the number data is formatted with or without thousand separator, they will be formatted as number in the output file. e.g., 1,234.01, 1234.01. But if there’s currency symbols, or other format, data will be formatted as ‘Text’ instead of number, e.g. $14,000, 14 000.

pdf to numbers option


This version doesn’t have OCR function, if the PDF file is a scanned document or image-only, it will output image instead of editable contents. And if you open the output file in Numbers 5 or above, after editing and saving, the new numbers files can’t be opened in the former version, say 4.2.2. It’s the compatibility problem of iWork apps.