PDF to Word Converter for Mac

Quickly and accurately convert PDF files into editable and well-formatted Word document (docx, doc).

Version 6.2.0 for macOS


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PDF to Word Converter for Mac

The Best Choice for Converting PDF to Word (docx, doc) on Mac OS X

PDF format and Microsoft Word (doc, docx) are not compatible with each other, and they are different document formats with many different features. PDF is great for sharing, it looks consistent across all platforms and devices, but when you need to use text in PDF, or edit the content, Word document is always the great choice. Document reconstruction is never an easy task, if you need more than just text, and want to keep the original look of the PDF file, you should definitely try Lighten PDF to Word Converter for Mac.

PDF to Word for Mac is a powerful and intuitive application that lets you convert PDF to Microsoft Word (docx, doc). It can convert complex PDFs with multi column, graphics, formatting, tables, and preserve everything perfectly in Microsoft Word. Editing or reusing PDF in Word cannot be easier.

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3 steps to convert PDF to Word on Mac

Get started with the simple and neat interface, you can start conversion instantly when you get the app.

It takes only 3 steps to convert a PDF file to Word document;

  • Add PDF files (Support drag and drop)
  • Select output formats and folder
  • Click 'Convert' button and wait for the output file;
    View PDF file right in the built-in PDF reader before conversion.
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High level of content retention

  • Superior accuracy and layout, formatting retention, all the elements including text, tables, graphics, columns will be recreated in Word document.
  • Table detection and conversion feature, keep data in REAL table in Word document after conversion. So you can easily modify and arrange your data.
  • Support PDF with complex formatting, including multi-column, graphics, tables, and preserve everything as accurate as possible in Microsoft Word.
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Extract table from PDF to Word more accurately

Tables are widely used in PDF file. In order to keep the table data accurately in output file, the app provides two methods for table detection and conversion.

Automatically table detection and conversion

When it comes across PDF files with tabular data, it can detect table automatically and preserve table in output Word document.

Manually mark table areas before conversion

If the PDF have complex table, auto-detect is not correct, you can still mark table areas manually by adding columns or rows, merge or split cells before conversion. So it can handle the most complex table structure without any problems.

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Efficient PDF to Word converter saves your time

As a productivity PDF app, efficiency matters. PDF to Word Converter for Mac offers powerful features that enhance your working productivity.

  • Batch conversion - You can add as many PDF files as you want at one time, it will process a batch of files in high speed;
  • Large PDF conversion - Convert large PDF files with thousands of pages without problems;
  • Partial Conversion - Convert any particular pages only (e.g. 1, 5-10, 21 or all pages) to save your time;
  • Protected PDF file conversion - Support PDF files with copying and printing restrictions (permission password).



PDF to Word for Mac

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