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Convert PDF to EPUB for enhancing your reading experiences.

Version 6.2.0 for Mac OS X



Enhance your reading experience by converting PDF to EPUB


If you want to read ebooks or documents on ebook reader or mobile devices, EPUB is a better choice.  EPUB format is re-flowable, responsive, it can automatically fit the screen size and give you a better reading experiences. While PDF organizes the content in fixed layout, it’s hassle to view the full PDF in small screen. 

Lighten PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac is designed for converting your PDF file to EPUB for improving your reading experiences. 

Accurately convert PDF to EPUB

PDF to EPUB Converter will analyze PDF data first, detect paragraphs and organize them into EPUB accurately. Even when the PDF has multiple columns, the app can also convert the content correctly.  

pdf to epub mac

Get started quickly

* It takes only 3 steps to convert PDF to EPUB. Simply add PDF files, select a folder to store the output EPUB files, and click ’Convert’ button.

* Built-in PDF reader lets you view PDF content easily, or mark table and image areas before conversion.

pdf to epub mac

Flexible output options

* Add blank line between paragraphs, instead of putting the paragraphs altogether. So you can easily understand the structure of your book. 

* You can keep the original image, or remove them from the output EPUB. This is useful if your PDF file has background image in each page, or has many unnecessary image elements. So you can filter them all and focus on your reading. 

* Table data can be preserved as image. 

pdf to epub mac

Table data can be preserved as image

Table data can be preserved as image. EPUB is responsive, if the screen is not large enough, most of the time you can't view the full picture of a table. PDF to EPUB Converter can detect table automatically, you can also mark table areas within the PDF reader before conversion.

pdf to epub mac

User Guide for PDF to EPUB for Mac

Product tutorials

* How to Convert PDF to EPUB on Mac? >>

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.8 or above. Fully compatible with the latest macOS Mojave 10.14
File Size: 9.82MB, recommended disk space: 100MB

What's New in 6.2.0 (updated on Sep 28, 2018)
1. Fully compatible with the latest macOS Mojave;
2. Added a function that helps users export or import table layouts, now you can apply the layout to similar tables, it's available in the right-click menu in the built-in PDF reader;
3. Other minor bug fixed and performance improvement.