If you are having a problem with our apps, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service will try to resolve it. Your feedback is important for improving our app quality.

But if you’d rather have a refund, please following the instruction below.

1. Purchase from lightenpdf.com – Official website.

Please contact us, provide the Order ID or the email address associated with the order. Our customer service team will return your money ASAP.

2. Purchase from the Mac App Store

If it's a purchase from the Mac App Store, please contact Apple support team for refund, we don’t have the refund option in developer center.

(1) Please go to Apple Customer Support.

http://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/contact/ contact-apple-support

(2) Select ‘Purchases, Billing & Redemption’

You’ll see a few topics listed in this page. To request refund, please click ‘Purchases, Billing & Redemption’. And if you encounter other problems, you can also choose related topics here and contact Apple’s support team for help.

After clicking on ‘Purchases, Billing & Redemption’, related topics will open. If you find some problems that we can’t resolve, you can select ‘Mac app not behaving as expected’. If you purchase the app by mistake, choose ‘The topic is not listed’.

contact apple support 1

(3) Click on ‘Email’ button.

Choose a support option for your topic, click ‘Email’ button below to contact Apple support team via Email, they will also reply your questions via Email.

contact apple support 2

(4) Fill out the form

You need to fill out the form, including the basic information, such as your contact information, operation system version, app name, order number etc.

contact apple support 3

Describe the problems or bugs in ‘Details’ blank, and make sure you request for refund, and then click ‘Continue’.

contact apple support 4

Apple’s support team will resonpse and process refund for you within a few days.

We’d love to keep you as a customer, please contact our support team before you decide to request refund, we'd like to help.