Signature Maker
Create your own digital signature with ease.
Signing with Signature Maker is as simple as drawing and sketching on a piece of paper.
Just use your finger or a stylus, sign your name using the built-in multitouch trackpad, mouse, or Magic Trackpad. You can easily get your digital signature in PNG image file with transparent background. Whenever you got a digital document that requires your signature, you don't bother printing, filling, scanning or faxing. Just insert your signature image, save you lots of hassles.
Other Features
1. Create PNG image file with transparent background; 
2. 1:1 trackpad and drawing area, easier to locate your signature;
3. Trackpad mode, lets you draw using your finger or stylus. 
System Requirement
Mac OS 10.6 or above.
Fully compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion OS.